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Our Pilots, Our Heroes

Angel Flight and Airlift Hope of America pilots enjoyed a banquet in their honor on April 18 during the second annual Gathering of Eagles in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Pictured in the photo above (back row, left to right) are Ron Calugar, Doug Robinson, Kenny Hardin, Dan Dedona, John Pilkins, and Jan Greenberg, Dale Shymkewich. Middle row: Chris Noonan, Jim Loncella, John Sullivan, Samuel Pais, Cleve Benedict. Front row: Tony Schmidt, Charlie Poll, Dave Pride.

For outstanding service in their respective states in 2008, the following were named Pilots of the Year: Cleve Benedict (WV), Dale Shymkewich (VA), Doug Robinson (MD), Charlie Poll (OH), Dan Dedona (PA), Dick Lawrence (MI), Brett Lunger (DE), Tony Schmidt (KY), Huston Simmons (DC), Kenny Hardin (NC), and Dave Pride (TN). Pride was also named Pilot of the Year for the Mid-Atlantic region. Congratulations to all of our volunteer pilots—both named and unnamed—for their selfless service in helping patients to find “the shortest distance between home and hope.”

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